Wreckage Brother, also known as Juan Ovyeu or just Brother, is a minor character in Bee Shrek Test in the House and is Bane's relatives. Brother is known for doing talents, like raising the fire and grabbing Dr. Pavel.

Brother had a minor role in the plane scene, and his only words in the scene were "Have we started the fire?" In the show however, Brother was different and doesn't speak that much, and he isn't a villain. He helps Bane in some episodes and tries to defend his friend CIA. He likes to appear out of nowhere.


Since he's an arsonist, he has one of these abilities to get the bad guys out of the way.

  • Fire throw (Just like Childish Gambino, Juan can throw normal fire.)
  • Fire raise (Whenever bad guys get near, Brother sets the fire. This will make only bad guys burn, and not his friends nor the Big Four.)
  • Kung-fu attacks (No need to mention the power of these attacks. Brother got these attacks from Chuck Norris.)


  • Brother was an orphan. Bane had to adopt him, and Bane called him his baby brother. Since Brother's an adult, Bane had to call him his brother for now on.
    • His family remains unknown.
  • Brother is good friends with Meme Team member Shia LaBeouf. They have a good time with each other and they like to hang out at the restaurant Dr. Pavel's. This also includes Childish Gambino, since they both have fire powers.

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