Will Smith Fish

Go away Will Smith Fish

Name Will Smith Fish
Sex Male
Age 34
Species Cleaner Wrasse
Occupation Car Wash Employee
Relatives Will Smith Fish's Dad
Introduced in West Fishadelphia
Latest appearance The Geniuses and the Fish
Voiced by Will Smith
Will Smith Fish is one of the antagonists of Bee Shrek Test in the House. He is voiced by Will Smith.


Will Smith Fish is under the delusion that he's cool, hip and popular. He isn't. He's terrifying, hated, and his mother never hugged him. In the Seventh Season episode, The Geniuses and the Fish, it is revealed that he has a much deeper character. He was so miserable due to being hated and discriminated against because he wanted to bee cool that he commited suicide by angering Little King John, but as punishment, he was brought back to life against his will.


  • Secretly lusts after Mary Test.
  • Is fucking creepy.
  • Is the whiny ex-boyfriend of Drek.
  • He is currently residing in Hell.
  • Is the superior of the now deceased Supreme 4
  • Got raped in episode 236 by David Bowie

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