A entire year before wdlf even aired micro$oft had rareware make this in 8 days or less

The plot is crappy 

First ratboy walks up to william w wasp and says "jsjjjffjkkd" and will says "we're of to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz" But then with no tutorial you take control of drek and must fight shrek unless you can work the kinect you are dead but lets say you won you must repeat that fight until the game thinks you can continue it might be the first win or battle 812 until you can continue now you are put into a 3d platformer where you play as wasp and you still must use the kinect the stage is flying until you get to a coin but the flying is nearly impossible and he will randomly spout quotes from the wizard of oz the final stage is where you play as ratboy in a brutal 3 hour long stage where you can only WALK it is worse than crazy bus , et atari and even desert bus

Ign says 13/10 very flawed

Publisher:Micro$oft Studios


In the credits it might change a name to "please free us" because rare is sick of making trash for micro$oft

Anthony and richard dont appear in the game but richard appears 8 times ot the cover


Even though everybody hated the game they had rareware make a crapload of dlc

1:Richard stage 1

After the credits roll you start this stage if you own it and if you dont the other dlc is useless. The goal would be to get will smith fish but he never was given even a sprite so you wander untill you touch him and then he says "no" and you continue to dlc 2

2:Anthony stage 1

This is the same as the first richard stage but you are anthony wander untill the voice of will smith fish says "no"

3:Drek stage 2

The stage is a fight with shrek like the begining but he is much harder due to the mechanics of repettitve battles stage 4 is rarely seen

4:Little king Johnny stage 1 

A clone of ratboys stage

5:Drek stage3

Even harder than dlc3

6:Nothing 1 

The stage was supposed to be a Will Smith Fish stage but he isnt programed in so yeah in this you wander a field to find will smith fish stage but he invisible so i cant help It

7:Drek 4 

Again a clone


The dlc always crashes so it is unknown

Altogether The price for all dlcs is $200+ each is over $6

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