Turn and Face the Green is the eighth epsiode of Season Two. David Bowie appears in this episode as the main villain who Shrek must face alone.

Plot SummaryEdit

Shrek and Johnny are going shopping at the mall for a new skateboard when they come across a guy with weird hair wooing all the people in the food court with his song. Johnny starts humming along but Shrek smacks him to get him to stop. The weirdo introduces himself as David Bowie, and he would like for someone to be able to challenge his musical talents. Johnny and Shrek agree and Mr. Bowie reveals that if they lose, he gets the House to himself. When they return to the House, David Bowie chooses Shrek as his opponent, and gives Shrek a beautiful singing voice for the music battle. They begin singing David Bowie's hit single "Changes" which Shrek knew beforehand, but didn't know that David Bowie wrote. Shrek narrowly beats his foe, and David Bowie lets him keep the voice and the House, then ascends into the sky without an explanation.


  • This is the first episode where Shrek uses a new singing voice.
  • Shrek's singing voice is provided by Alexis Texas in this episode.
  • David Bowie makes his debut in this episode.

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