like when anything gets popular toys are soon to follow BSTH is no exeption so far it has had over 20 waes of action figures and playsets, 8 spinoff lines,16 fast food promotions, and a series of LCD games by tiger electronics. Just like lost episodes this page will be conteinued as collectors add more toys they own to the page.

1989 Edit

Wave one came out in june of 1989, it consisted of 7 toys, 5 action figures and 2 playsets. Action figures were sold as having "extreme possibilty" in the comercials, extreme possibilty was representing that fact that they had knee and elbow movement along with shoulders, hips, and head movements. a major complaint about the figures was the fact the metal pins that held thier lower arms and legs together would rust and sometimes even break, 1990 onward they switched to ball and socket joints.

BSTH barry action figure box

The card back of barry's package

BSTH cory action figure box

The card back of cory's package

BSTH johnny action figure box

card back of johnny's package

BSTH shrek action figure box

card pack to shrek's package

BSTH shrek's swamp playset

Box to the shrek swamp playset

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