Before we throw down, does anybody here want to see my guns?

—Tord moments before a fight breaks out.

Tord Watne, more commonly known as just Tord, is a recurring antagonist in Bee Shrek Test in the House. He's a Norwegian criminal, terrorist, and communist revolutionary who's plotted and launched numerous attempts to establish a communist state in Norway, but with little success. Tord is a minor threat in the eyes of the Big Four, but is a vocal one at that due to his constant harrassment of the Big Four and his affiliation with various terrorist organizations, particullary the Brotherhood of Chaos.


Tord is an average height pale skinned Norwegian man with the physical appearance of a typical Northern European in their early twenties. He has long and spikey bright brown colored hair and is seen wearing a red hoodie and black pants on a daily basis with a dark white shirt underneath his hoodie. He's sometimes seen wearing other uniforms such as standard Norwegian army fatigues in the third season and in communist revolutionary gear during his attempted uprising in the fourth season finale. Tord also has a bandage on the right side of his face and alwasy has a smile much of the time. What the fuck is this fandom.


Tord is a very lazy person who rarely does anything and is the most lazy out of the many villains of the series, but remains more competant than Lord Farquaad could ever be. Tord is obsessed with guns and weapons and collects any gun he can find, even if it violates Norway's official gun laws, and is the weapons specialist of the Brotherhood of Chaos as a result. Tord loves fighting and is quick to get into one and will mock his opponents at every single chance, especially when he fights Johnny Test.