Tito Dick Dickman Baby

Tito Dickman, referred to often as Dick, is a Filipino-American from San Francisco. He is a character in the terrible TV show The Nutshack.

Catchphrase Edit


Abilities Edit

Tito Dick has the rare ability to grow his dong twice the size of his body, because of this he is labeled "DickMan"


  • He raised Phil
  • Loves the ladies
  • Is a stupid fucking smug piece of shit!
  • loves phil
  • hates phil
  • eats nuts
  • Kills Weeaboos
  • Kills Porn loving and making scums
  • Shoved his whole dick down Rebel Taxi, that brony faggot
  • Rapes chita
  • Shits at the chashier via McDonalds
  • Lynch Niggers
  • Grand Wizard of the KluKluxKlan
  • Kills Furries
  • Kills Bronies
  • Kills 4fags and it's minions
  • Kills Everyone from overwatch
  • Uses Jenkem
  • Killed TerminusEST13, that weeaboo faggot
  • Kills SGTMKIV, that brutal faggot
  • enjoys shit

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