The Supreme 4 were a minor antagonist of Season 11, with them being nothing but placeholder for The Old Big Four, they serve Will Smith Fish and were killed by the power of Cory Baxter and his friends. At one point, it became the Supreme 5 when Derek Savage joined and became leader.

Tophat Money Edit

Former leader of the S4, deserted in their final battle because he was not thinking on dying, he didn't care on his allie's death, more information: Here.
Ugly fucking thing

Hydrocephalia guy Edit

The Supreme 4's second-in-command, he thinks he's cool because of his humungous head and that awful goatee thing in his chin, his intestines were ripped apart by Shrek the Ogre's raw strenght, and his head exploded some time later

Doggie Doo Edit

The sniper in the team, he has got terrible sight, and has never nailed a bullet, he was kicked to death by Johnny Test and Cory Baxter, he's also the reason Charlie Sheen has gone insane with the years

Ugly Ant Thing Edit

The scout, he is nothing but comic relief, and his life on its own is a tragical thing, he was meant to be killed by Barry, but he left the Ant alive, because his existance caused him more pain than death, then a truck rammed him, finally ending his tragical existance

Derek Savage Edit

Derek was the second leader of the group who was later killed by Tophat Money, he was a very bad leader for them. He states to be against bullies while being a bully himself. He loves wrastling, going grink and using alturnatul fuels.

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