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The official soundtrack to Bee Shrek Test in the House, critically acclaimed and known as one of the best

soundtracks ever known to man kind. It mainly covers seasons 1-4, but also has songs that wouldn't be used until later,

Disk 1Edit

CD Disk 1

Welcome to the House

Here Comes the Sun (Season One Credits)

An Average Day in the House

Washington D.C.

An Average Day in the House 2

Theme of the House

Attack on the House

It is a Mystery

The Depths of Dingo Jungle (also known as Oro's theme)

Oro Vs Peek

Fanfare Theme

Summertime Lovin' (Loving in the Summer Time)


Test Sister's Lab

The Prom

All Star (Season Two Credits)

Something Fishy...

Will Smith Fish!

Born to Bee Wild

Highway to Hell

Got To Bee Faster

Wind Beeneath my Wings

It's Sodium Chloride

Everytime we Touch

Rise of the Tangled Brave... Whatever

Johnny's Theme (Season Three Credits)

Ocean Man

A Shadowy Figure in the Crib

Rap is a Bee's Soul! Go Beyond the Impossible and Kick Reason to the Curb! Perk Up Your Ogre Ears and Listen REAL Close to the Theme of the Big Four!!

Biggie Cheese


Rumplestiltskin's Theme

Duel of the Fates

Just Another Girl

Theme of the Old Big Four

Disk 2Edit

CD Disk 2

All Star Escape

Opening 2

Sanic's Theme



All Coiled Up

Everything You Know is Wrong

Cory's Theme (Season Four Credits)

You Sexy Thing! (Cornhole Master)

Let it Bee

A Little Drop of Poison

Bee Prepared

David Mother Fucking Bowie

Magic Dance (Cut)

Battle Theme 1

Skull Kid's Story

My Name is Hank Hill

Collective Conciousness - Vs. Donald Trump

My Time Here is Ogre

The Ratboy Genius

Live and Slam

Betrayal of an Old Friend

Halloween in the House

Shrek Gets Spooked

The Ride Never Ends (Known as Shrek wants to get Off in PAL regions)

The Awakening of Brutaka

Diamond Dogs

Accidentally in Love (Season Five Credits)

Master of Disguise

Holding out for a Hero (Season Six Credits)

Potato Knishes

The Old Big Four's Master

Skull Kid's Theme

Spider Dance

We may bee separated, but we will bee together in Spirit!

Hallelujah (First Series Finale Credits)

Disc 3Edit

CD Disk 3

Minas Minecraft

Dungeon of the Little King

Little King John's Castle

I'm a Beeliever (Season Seven Credits)

Potato Knishes (Reprise)


Sanic's Daring Rescue

Opening 3

My Swamp!


All Stardust Crusaders


The Real Superpower of Friendship

Shenenigans Ensue

Tied to a Tree

King Louie

The True Story of the Dawn of the Rise of the War of the Jungle of the Planet of the Shreks Beginnings: Unleashed

Fish and Ratboy

Cory's Bad Future

Barry's Bad Future

Shrek's Bad Future

Ember (You WIll Remember)

Drek the Incompetant

Hot Chocolate

If You Just Beelieve - A Very Barry Christmas


Shreqical Girl

The Galactic Battlefield ~ Realm of The Baneful King ~

Shrek is Love Shrek is Life

Brutaka's theme (since Season 9)

The strongest shall live (Erza's theme)

The Creativity Song

Stinging the System

The Necromancer


Victory Lap (Bonus Track)

Disk 4 Edit

CD Disk 4

Season 4 Intro - Power of the Big Four

Sjipsco Tour

Fairytale of Sjipsco

The Raid on Fort John

He's back...

Axonn's brainwashing

The Meeting

Drek's Scheme

The Big 7

Conflict between Brothers (Brainwashed Axonn's theme)

Oro's Quest (sometimes referred to as OroQuest

The Supreme 4's anthem

The March of the Brotherhood

Supreme Centipede attacks!

The fastest thing alive (SANIC's new theme)

Chumbawumba - Tubthumping (midi)

Eiffel 95 - I'm Blue (midi)

Get Got

I've Seen Footage


Gotham's Reckoning (CIA's Theme)

Holograms (Instrumental)

He's Here

Banana Slamma!

DK Rap


Butthole Surfers - Pepper

Bluster the Benevolent

I'm Leo Luster

Fuck Bees

Hip to Be Square

All that Glitters is Diamond

The Final Battle... Or is it?

The Full Power of the Big Four

The Echidna Tribe (Know the Way!)