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Season 20, Episode 1: Bee, Shrek, Bubsy in the House Part 2 - Kat Konspiracy Following the previous episode, Bubsy has replaced Johnny Test and the gang’s lifestyle has tanked ever since! Barry has no interest in suing people and making fun of cross-dressers, Shrek is eating layered cake in his depression over the loss of Johnny Test, Bubsy is shoving his “super-cool ways” up everyone’s faces, only Cory maintains a positive mental attitude, and none of them can find the hope and spirit to rescue Johnny Test from his enslavement. Noticing that Cory hasn’t fallen after the loss of Johnny Test, Bubsy calls up Disney’s Prince John to send in their other agent to “rattle the cage”. A few hours later, a ring on the doorbell is heard. Shrek answers to the door to find that it is Gumball Watterson, who proceeds to taunt Shrek nonstop on how he failed to save Johnny Test. Feeling betrayed by the retarded cat that he helped out in his moment of crisis, Shrek rampages and beats up Gumball, but this does not go unnoticed by the neighbors, who call the police on Shrek assaulting a minor. The police arrive and swiftly imprison Shrek into Weenie Hut Jail, where vicious criminals, masturbating clowns, and the Will Ferrell Elf await for him. Right after Shrek is taken away, Bubsy uses this opportunity to trap Barry in a jar with only one air hole in it and a one way trip into the ocean. Realizing that Bubsy is a manipulative slime ball, Cory tries to stop Bubsy from complete victory, but he is stopped by none other than Prince John… AND… the Wii Fit Trainer!!! The Wii Fit Trainer proceeds to send Cory flying out of his house. With their victory complete. Bubsy points out how useless Gumball has been and always will be and orders Prince John and Wii Fit Trainer to shot put throw Gumball into the ocean along with Barry. After seeing this turmoil, Cory vows to avenge his friends and save them with all that he knows… WILL GUMBALL HAVE A CHANGE OF HEART AND SAVE BOTH HIM AND BARRY FROM A WATERY GRAVE?! HOW WILL CORY SAVE THE DAY?! WHY THE FUCK IS DISNEY’S PRINCE JOHN EVEN IN THIS?! Find out on the upcoming episode. “Season 20, Episode 2: Wii Fit, Prince John, Bubsy in the House”!

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