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Barry and Shrek drunk in the pub.

"The Good, The Ogre, and The Farquaad" is the 21st episode in the fourteenth season of Bee Shrek Test in the House. It is the 369th episode overall.


After hearing about Farquaad's 4th resurrection, Shrek attempts to drown his memories of his old life in Far Far Away by going downtown to the local pub. Worried, Barry follows him fearing Shrek was in a very weak state where anyone could take advantage of him. Inside the pub, he discovers a drunken Shrek singing "Ogirls Just Wanna Have Fun," in front of an unplugged jukebox. Barry attempts to drag Shrek out of the bar, but due to the fact he's a fucking tiny-ass bee, his arms were to weak to pull the mighty ogre. Upset by his failure, Barry starts to sip leftover beer left in ashtrays, getting him drunk instantly. With both Barry and Shrek drunk off their asses, a proud Farquaad walks in and discovers the two heroes. The next scene opens up with Barry, Shrek, and Farquaad in the same bed together, implying they had a threesome. Horrified, Shrek and Barry make a pact to never tell their boyfriends Cory and Johnny. Farquaad hears this and reveals to them that with the help of Stickler, he was able to film the whole night on videotape. They both blackmail the two into being household maids. Eventually, Shrek snaps after Farquaad asks him to find his TV remote for him. This makes Stickler run over to the White House in order to show Cory and Johnny the video of their boyfriends' drunken escapade, however, no one in the White House had a videotape player, so his plan failed. Delighted, Shrek tells Barry he's glad no one was able to see the video of their drunk threesome. Cory overhears this and screams, as the episode ends.


  • This episode was censored in Scandinavian countries for the use of alcohol and was almost banned. As a result of the censorship, only the second half ot the episode was aired.

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