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The Test Sisters realizing Ratboy and Will Smith Fish are handcuffed together

"The Geniuses and the Fish" is the sixth episode in the seventeenth season of Bee Shrek Test in the House. It is the 427th episode overall.This episode is notable for having the abscense of the Big Four, and mainly focusing on the side characters Will Smith Fish and Ratboy Genius.


Will Smith Fish is invited to a wild party over at Cory Baxter Fish's tank, but has no way to get there in time, considering no one wants to give him a ride because of his creepy face. As he ponders a way to reach the party, he is struck by Ratboy Genius, who happened to cruising the road in order to find out where Little King John had gone off. Will Smith Fish rises, and begins to scold the genius using his freestyle rap, however Ratboy's narking nearly kills him. As they engage in a massive fist(...or fin/nub)fight, until they are stopped by Jack the Dog Catcher, who mistakes them as really fucking ugly dogs. He handcuffs them, and tosses them in the back of his van that he claimed had nice candy for them in. The two later escape, but now are cuffed together as a result of Jack's ignorance. The rest of the episode has no dialouge spoken at all, and shows the two trying to go their seperate ways, Ratboy wanting to stop LKJ, and WSF desperately trying to go the party to get da massive pussy. They get into an inaudible argument over which is the right way to go. Ratboy remembers that Test Sisters are also geniuses and may be able to help them, but then he also remembers WSF is unable to get within 50 yards of Mary Test because of the restraining order. He then disguises WSF to look like Whoopi Goldberg, Susan's biggest crush besides Gil A 10-minute long scene of them just walking all the way through an empty Porkbelly is shown. They finally reach the sisters who, with the use of their bag of peanuts and a lock of Gil's dick hair, are able to set the boys free. Susan then slips the disguised-as-Whoopi Will Smith Fish her number. The boys now finally set free decide to go their own seperate ways, but Ratboy realizes WSF has no way of reaching the party in time, so through a change of heart, he offers WSF a ride to there, knowing he'll have to stop Little King John another time. They finally get to Cory Baxter Fish's party just in time, only to find out that Will Smith Fish wasn't even invited to begin with. The two stand with completely blank faces. Outside, Little King John, not having been stopped by Ratboy, has molded the world into his own image.


  • This episode was highly praised for having moments of understanding another's needs, and also racial equality.
  • Dog Catchers, however, criticized the episode for the potrayal of Jack the Dog Catcher in this episode.
  • Although the episode does not feature the Big Four, Cory and Shrek's voices can be heard at the very beginning of the episode.

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