The FNaFdom is a cult that first appears in Episode 19 of Season 3: Cory Joins A Fandom. At first they appear like a normal fandom, but once you join, you find out their true nature before you're brainwashed through physical and mental torture into liking them.

History Edit


The FNaFdom started when Scott Cawthon created a forum for fans of his game: Five Nights at Freddy's. The forum gained several members within days of the game's release, including a young girl named Dixie, who spent all of her free time on the site. Dixie was so dedicated to the game, that she started her own forum page where she talked to other like-minded individuals. After a few months, the group decided to meet up and recreate the pizzaria from the game. Once they pratically rebuilt the game inside an old warehouse, some members noticed Dixie was acting a bit off. She had started wearing scrap metal as armour and was constantly dissapearing at night before returning to "tinker" with the animatronics.

The other members of the gang decided to follow her at night. They discovered that she was killing innocent children and stuffing them in the suits, just like "Purple Guy", a character from the games. Dixie decided to give anyone who knew the same fate. However, she spared two of her closest friends, but brainwashed them to believe that they need to kill children just like she did. The three eventually spread the word a lured people in to the cult by acting as if it's just any other fandom.

How to Join Edit

  1. Join the FNaFdom Forum site and wait for an invite from the cult. They will give you the adress of their warehouse.
  2. Travel to the warehouse and answer a FNaF questionare to prove you're a fan. You will then be permitted entry and directed to Dixie for an initiation.
  3. After talking to Dixie, you must endure a recreation of the game's five nights and when the sun comes up, you are knocked out. After the five nights, you should be conditioned enough to be one with "Lord Fazbear"

Notable Members Edit


Interactions with the Big Four Edit

Dixie vs Johnny

During Cory Joins A Fandom, Cory Baxter joins the cult without telling anyone else. After Barry figures out what's going on, he gathers the others who go out to find Cory. Before they can rescue their friend, the three are forced into the first night with Cory. After destroying the animatronics, the gang manage to escape, but not before a fight between Johnny and Dixie, as the cultist admitted to having feelings towards him.

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