SuperWhoLock is a team of detectives who occasionally help out the Big Four. They are extremely smart, smarter than the Brotherhood of Chaos, but for some reason, the Big Four never let them help more than twice a season.

PoliceBoxMan Edit

Christmas Crol new costume

PoliceBoxMan is the Leader of SuperWhoLock. As his name suggests, he rides about in a Police box for no reason. He always travels with a worthless companion and has the ability to reincarnate himself.

Smartan the Spartan Edit


Despite the name, Smartan does not dress like a spartan. He is the smartest man on earth and lives on 221B Baker Street in London. He lives with Bilbo Baggins who always makes an idiot of himself. Smartan often likes murder cases because he is a sadistic, eccentric genius. Because he lives in London, he adores Paddington Bear and wishes to be his roomate instead of Bilbo's.

Literall Wingman Edit

Supernatural - Castiel (Supernatural Season 4)

Litterall Wingman has wings that were sown on to his back by the claws of Scar. He can fly and is smart I guess. He is prectically useless and is only on the team to cope with flashbacks with The Brotherhood of Chaos and how he got his wings.

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