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Name Sundowner
Sex Male
Age In his 40s
Species Human
Occupation General of Minas Minecraft
Introduced in Return of a Legend
Latest appearance Red Sonion
Voiced by Crispin Freeman

Sundowner is a major antagonist in Layers Away, serving as Little King John's right hand man. He is notorious among fans and in-universe for being fucking invincible, having shit-eating grins, and his creepy Texan accent.


Sundowner is about seven feet tall and is quite fat, though he prefers to be called "husky" or he'll cleave you in two with his pincer blades. He suffers from premature balding, regularly shaves his eye brows, and takes special care in his dental hygene to keep his shit-eating grins flawless. He also is often seen wearing a stupid-ass snapback that says "Top Sun" on it. His body is entirely mechanical, but he usually wears a trenchcoat.

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