Robbie rotten for president by shuyinspira

A screen cap from the epsiode

Something Rotten was indeded to be season 4 episode 20 but was cancelled due to apperently too controversial material.

Plot Edit

Robbie Rotten throws president martinez into a whitehouse closet and takes his place. When Cory returns to DC everyone overly obese. Cory calls up Shrek, Johnny, and Barry. Robbie Rotten uses a giant cannon to try and kill the Big Four but with help from sportacus and ashens Rotten is driven out of town.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Robbie rotten sings a song called "it's awsome to be president"
  • This was the intended first appearance of robbie rotten, sportacus, and ashens
  • Cory was voiced by eddie murphy instead of his normal actor
  • This episode had a unique opening song
  • despite the episode not being released, at the time this episode was supposed to be aired a robbie rotten action figure was produced with his president suit and podium included

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