Sid the Science Kid
Name Sid the Science Kid
Sex Male
Age Unkown, presumed 7
Species Human/Demon
Occupation Minion
Introduced in The Damnation of Shrek
Latest appearance Potato Knishes (As a ghost)
Voiced by Ben Kingsly


Sid the Science Kid's horrifying origin.

Sid the Science Kid, also known as Sid the Demonic Centipede Follower of Little King John Kid, is a minion of Little King John.


Sid's origin was revealed in the book "The villains of Bee Shrek Test in the House". He was an ordinary kid, but at a young age discovered black magic and Satanism. He learned of Little King John and aspired to join him. He decided it was time to join the Dark Lord and summoned him by running into his corridor and screaming the ancient curse "Oboi Brekfaz Tiem", which led him to join Little King John.


As seen in The Damnation of Shrek, Sid has the ability to switch between the physical and psychological realms. He can also control Demon Centipedes, demonic creatures that are only powerful in realms parallel to our own. He is extremely powerful, but is very weak in terms of endurance.