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Shrek gets Nosecoped in a battle in call of duty so shrek trains to have revenge

Synopsis Edit

Shrek plays a game of call of duty until he fails badly and a scrub kills him in it,Shrek is depressed and notices Johnny has been a good Nosescoper in real life battles and has a lot of games like call of duty,Meanwhile in the Bee plot,Barry wants to find the best way to express his love for a special someone and Cory teaches him how to tell them how he loves them,meanwhile there is a sequence where Johnny is training Shrek in a gym and Shrek is lifting weights,running on a treadmill,going up stairs and downstairs repeatedly,punching punching bags and riding on a bike all in the gym while rocky music plays.In the Bee plot,Barry writes all of what he wants to say on a card...6 times...until he can think of the perfect lame and cheesy poem to write to his special one.Then Shrek actually trains on call of duty,his muscles are so big they crushed the first controller so Johnny gave him another one,shrek knoes the simple skills and slowly improves in another montage.Meanwhile Cory gets a box of chocolates for Barry to give to his special one but Barry doesn't want to give it to his special one just yet so they spend the night eating the choclates and watching a movie until they argue over which one gets the fudge chocolate and smash the TV and destroy the house,while Shrek is waiting to find the scrub and shrek them,he manages to find the scrub and kills him,he is so happy because of his victory he throws the TV out of the window with his new strength and starts destroying the house while Johnny just sits on the couch exauhsted looking at dank memes and porn on his phone while fapping.

In the post credits scene, we see Lord Farquaad telling the Pied Piper that he failed his mission of killing Shrek. After a bit of bickering, Farquaad decides to keep the Piper in his employ.

Trivia Edit

This episode was age rated higher than any other episode due to showing porn on Johnny's phone.

at 16:02 you can see Rick and Summer training in the gym in the background,this leads for fans to think that Bee Shrek Test In The House is in the same world as Rick and Morty,this also must mean thanks to a huge connection,Gravity Falls,Simpsons,Family Guy,Bob's Burgers,American Dad,Rick And Morty and Bee Shrek Test in the House take place in the same set of dimensions.

Tito dick makes a cameo as "The Mailman"

The Pied piper makes several cameos throughout the episode trying to kill Shrek. We even hear flute music when Shrek loses in Call of Duty, implying that he was behind the whole episode.