Name Shrebekka
Sex Male (body)

Female (personality)

Age 44
Species Ogre
Relatives Shrek (original personality)
Introduced in Oh No Gurl Your an Ogre
Latest appearance Oh No Gurl Your an Ogre
Voiced by Alexis Texas

Shrebekka the Ogre is Shrek's female alter ego who was accidentally created by Bane after he knocked Shrek out with a 18-inch long green dildo in the episode Shrek's Ogremazing Ogregy. However, she makes her first and final appearance in the episode Oh No Gurl Your an Ogre where she redecorates Cory's bedroom with girly looking paint and furniture as well as making him breakfast in bed. Like Shrek, she is head over heels in love with Cory, but unlike Shrek she makes no effort to deny it. She also believed she was pregnant with Cory's child until Cory and a bunch of doctors hired by the President proved to her that she had a dick. Eventually Cory realized he had feelings for her due to her being a part of Shrek, and he comforted and kissed her before Shrek was returned to his old self.


Shrebekka is very feminine and her hobbies include baking and interior design. She is also constantly checking her makeup. She is in love with Cory and is apparently jealous of other girls to the point where she even punches Sophie's lights out for not leaving "her man" (Cory) alone.

Trivia Edit

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