Black Sonic Shadow the Hedgehog is a major recurring antagonist in Bee Shrek Test in the House. He's an artificial hedgehog created by the mysterious Doctor Wallace and is the former apprentice and ex-lover of Shrek the Ogre. Because of the end of their relationship, Shadow has become a deeply vengeful and violent individual and has lead him down the path to joining the Brotherhood of Chaos just to destroy Shrek.


Shadow was the Ultimate Life Form in the series he shared with Sanic. He shared a relationship with Shrek in the heartbreaking tragedy where he became Shrek's apprentice and eventual lover, but it all ended abruptly (see Shrek and Shadow).


He was introduced to the House in the episode My Time Here Was Not Ogre. He was angry at Shrek for leaving him in Shrek and Shadow, and demanded an explanation. Shrek explained to him that though he had become the lover Shadow never deserved, he had to leave for not only did he teach him everything he knew, but he had to go back to his real wife and kids. Shadow refused to listen and left before Shrek could say anymore. When he returned to the house afew days later, he attacked the Big Four for stealing Shrek from him and Shrek was forced to battle his former lover. The battle ended in a stalemate and Shadow ended up joining the surviving remnants of the Brotherhood of Chaos, now lead by Little King John and Tophat Money.


  • Though they are from the same respective series, Sanic and Shadow have never interacted and never mention each other.
  • The ship for Shradow (Shrek X Shadow) is often associated with the song Live and Slam.
  • Shadow is not the Ultimate Lifeform.
  • Shadow is one of the few characters who will likely stay dead.
  • Shadow and Shrek used to play bondage games while in their relationship, with Shadow being the submissive. Often times the sessions were composed of Shrek fisting Shadow's ass with an onion.
  • Shadow's edge is so sharp he almost stabbed Johnny fatally with it.