Scar is one of the main members of the Brotherhood of Chaos. He serves as a rival to both Paul Blart and Barry throughout Season 4. He has a sinister crush on Yellow Diamond for some reason and is best friends with Bane. He was killed during The Lion, The Rat and the Stiltskin by Barry's deadly stinger. From then on, he can be spotted as a rug in The House on several occasions.

History Edit

Save me for later

Scar was rasied by Bane when the President, Paul Blart, kicked him out of the white house, before losing his job to the current Untied States President, Richard Martinez, who was the side charecter in flash backs of the first season.

He grew up learning to hate the main four in addition to Cory's father who took over as the chef of the White House after Bane. currently the brains of The Brotherhood of Chaos, he still hates Paul Blart to this day who currently works as a mall cop.

Later in Season 4, He first appears in Welcome Back to the House as one of the attackers on the White House.

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