Name Santiago
Sex Male
Biological age 42-48
Actual age 666
Species Lycra-Human Hybrid
Occupation Mass Murderer
Latest appearance Battle for the White House
Voiced by Pamtri


—Santiago's catchphrase

Santiago is one of the most prominent antagonists in Bee Shrek Test in the House. He's a Lycra-Human Hybrid and an all-powerful mass murdering serial killer who's killed countless numbers of people around the world. He's the partner of Postal Dude and together, they go on killing sprees and copmpleting various "Postals" (tasks) all to get money. Santiago is one of the most powerful characters in the series as he remains one of the very few people that's unable to be defeated by the Big Four and is the unofficial secondary antagonist of the entire franchise as well as the Filthy Frank spin-off series as well. 

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