Sanic Hegehog
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Sanic Hegehog, the Fast.

gotta go fats
Name Sanic Hegehog
Sex Male
Age 17
Species Hedgehog
Introduced in Come On, Shrek It Up!
Latest appearance Return of a Legend
Voiced by Some twelve year old with a lisp.

Sanic Hegehog is a supporting character of Bee Shrek Test in the House. He is an extremely fast hegehog.


Sanic Hegehog appeared in Sanic: The Gaem. He became extremely popular, and was inserted into the BSTH crossover.


Sanic is extremely obsessed with the concept of speed, his own catchphrase being "Gotta Go Fast!" He would always see and take a chance to be fast, and would always obnoxiously point it out as he did it.

True PersonalityEdit

As seen in You're Too Fast, Sanic is actually extremely intelligent, logical, and has a great understanding of psychology. He suffers from the fact that he is, in fact, too fast. He struggles to be at a regular speed, like everyone he knows and loves. He suffers a heart attack when everything just seems slow, and the fact that he is too fast overcomes him.


Sanic is introduced in the episode Come On, Shrek It Up! He is revealed to be having occasional visits to the house to chill with the President of the United States, who he has encountered in the past. He challenges Shrek to a race, in which Shrek wins using his godly powers of Layer. Though he is secretly grateful that he's slow enough, as revealed in a later episode, he pretends to whine about it, which causes Shrek to layerpunch him in the dick.


  • Though they are from the same respective series, Sanic and Shadow have never interacted and never mention eachother.
  • Sanic is voiced by a 12 year old boy with a lisp.
  • The Shranik (Shrek X Sanic) ship is often associated with the song All Star Escape
  • Sanic is gey

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