Name Rumpelstiltskin
Sex Male
Sex Male
Age 30s
Species Dwarf
Occupation Royal Advisor
Introduced in Long Live the King
Latest appearance Duel of Duloc
Voiced by Walt Dorn
Rumpelstiltskin is an antagonist Bee Shrek Test in the House where he serves as a rival to Shrek. He's a traveling magician and conman who tricked many people into giving him money in exchange for magical acts, which have harmed them and has made him a crinimal as a result. Wanting to avoid arrest, he fled to Farquaad's Country and since then, he served as an advisor to Lord Farquaad in his government. However, in Season 4, he replaced Farquaad in the Brotherhood of Chaos after the Lord's supposed death. He is constantly followed by The Pied Piper


Rumpelstiltskin is a short midget wearing an orange red shirt underneath a brown vest and a small yellow scarf tied around his neck. He has big green pants with pointy black boots and a pair of brown colored socks on his legs.


Rumpelstiltskin is a shifty greedy conman who's only concerned about himself and has little allegience to anyoen besides himself. He loves scamming people and takes full advantage of his magical powers and abilities, but he isn't powerful enough to wish his threats away without tricking them into signing his contracts and so, he runs away when confronted by someone who's seen through his deception. Despite coming from a poor upbrining, Rumpel has no qualms tricking and decieving poor and lower-class people around the world just so he can acquire the little money and goods they still have showing how cruel, greedy, and heartless he truely is.


Rumpelstiltskin was born in Kosovo sometime prior to or during the Kosovo War in the 1990s where he was raised by a magician who taught him magic. Throughout the war and afterwards, Rumpel made his fortune by scamming hundreds of people in the region into giving him money in exchange for magical acts to improve their lives, which really ended up screwing them over in the end. He did this for over ten years until authorities in many countries began tracking him down forcing him to constantly be on the run. He eventually fled to Farquaad's Country after he ran across the border and made it into a small town and took a train all the way to the capital of Duloc. There, he met The Pied Piper, who became his lifelong companion, and set up shop and eventually convinced Farquaad intog iving him asylum in exchange for Rumpel being an aid to him to which Farquaad agreed and apointed him as an advisor. However, when Lord Farquaad was kiiled by Skull Kid, he replaced him. 

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