"Rise of the Brave Tangled Whatever"
Season 6, episode 26
Rise of the brave tangled dragons by milady666-d5xkjp1
Airdate: December 22nd, 2013
Director: Jeremy Podeswa
Story: David Benioff
D.B. Weiss
Written &
storyboarded by:
Trey Parker and Matt Stone
"Onions are Unbreakable"
"Return of a Legend"

Rise of the Brave Tangled Whatever is the 26th and final episode of the sixth season, and the 143rd and final episode (of the original series) overall. It marks the first and final appearance of the Old Big Four. It also includes the first death of one of the Big Four.


The Big Four have teamed up with Magica Kitchen of the Hill Clan, My Little Lucky Wimpy Stuck, and Dora the Hedgehog Meaty: Investigations and The Adventures of Bat-simpsons time,to bring down the Old Big Four. All the members of MLLWS were killed in the previous episode, and all the members of DtHM:I have left that same episode because they couldn't fuckin' deal with this bullshit. The only remaining members of MKotHC are Hank Hill and Gordon Ramsey,The Big Four and the Clan encounter centipedes sent by the Old Four's supposed assistant, but actual leader, Little King John. Gordon Ramsey eats a centipede, spits it out in disgust, and begins to yell at the centipedes for not being tasty ,Ramsey tells the Big Four and Hank and TABT to leave without him. He is never seen again. They next encounter a lawn with tall grass. Hank Hill does his best to resist the urge to mow the lawn, but fails. When he mows the lawn, he turns around to see it has grown back. He mows the rest. He couldn't stop, The Big Four leave him, never encountering him again. They finally meet the Old Big Four as they briefly glimpse Little King John fleeing from the scene. They ignore him and go after the Old Big Four. Shrek take on Sno Gui, Barry and The Simpsons takes on Woojer, Johnny takes on Long Hair Lady, and Cory is left with Asstard. The battle goes on for days, as Shrek throws Sno Gui around while he tries to do snow shit. Johnny cuts Long Hair Lady's hair,Cory releases his pussy destroying powers on a female dragon unleashed by Asstard, killing the dragon, Barry decides that he has no choice, and stings Woojer in the face with his upgraded poisonous stinger. Woojer dies, but Sno Gui freezes the weak Barry and steps on him, killing him. Shrek, Cory, and Johnny unleash their rage on him. Sno Gui is left totally fuckin' mutilated, then Shrek fatally shits on his face with his layer ogre shit. The now Big Three are victorious, but heartbroken at their lost member. The Big Three decide to part ways. Shrek becomes a God and requires many followers named Brogres. Johnny becomes an ordinary scientist like his sisters, and Cory becomes the pussy destroying sex god pornstar he was meant to be. After one year, they reunite to decorate Barry's grave.


  • This was meant to end the BSTH franchise altogether, but due to negative feedback of the show's end, it was rebooted.

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