This is Little King John's dungeon, first seen in the episode.

Return of a Legend is the first episode of the seventh season and the beginning of the reboot. The episode revolves around the resurrection of Barry, as he died in the finale of the original series.

Plot SummaryEdit

At the beginning of the episode, Shrek is seen standing on the balcony of the House as Johnny walks up behind him to tell him of a way to ressurect Barry. He brought Dukey and Ratboy Genius to the house and they found the location of a book called the Necronomicon. Shrek was prepared to go out to find it until Ratboy Genius interrupted and told him it was inside Little King John's castle, the home of the one who assisted Rise of the Brave Tangled Whatever. Shrek and Johnny were terrified of him, for he was really fucking creepy. They went off anyway, and after traveling for days across a wasteland, they reached his castle. They entered through the dungeon, where they found Sanic being tortured with centipedes, and freed him. In a cell deeper in the dungeon, the decayed corpse of Will Smith Fish was holding the Necronomicon. Johnny pried the book out of his cold, dead arms, but then he appeared. The monstrous Little King John came from the ceiling and taunted the group by singing an evil song, telling them if they stayed, he would make them into centipedes. The group tried to run, but a little black worm tripped Shrek, causing evryone else to fall down. Sanic made them step it up, and they escaped with the book. At the house, they opened the book, and it told them that to revive Barry, they had to get a barnacle from the swamp. The morning after, a letter appeared in the mail, sent by the Little King, saying that the Test Sisters and Summer Solstice Baby are still locked up, and he dares the Big Three to find them if they can.


  • Cory does not appear in this episode, do him working on a porno at the moment, referenced in Cory's Sweet Ass .
  • This episode is notable for being fucking creepy due to the appearances of both Ratboy Genius and Little King John.

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