Postal Dude
Postal Dude
Name Postal Dude
Sex Male
Age 44
Species Human
Occupation Mercenary
Introduced in Corey Gone Viral
Latest appearance Battle for the White House
Voiced by Rick Hunter
The Postal Dude, is a recurring antagonist in Bee Shrek Test in the House. He's a violent and merciless serial killer and mercenary who's been sent all across America completing dangerous and deadly tasks known as Posts where he's been responsible for the deaths of countless people in the process. Due to his violent actions, Postal Dude has quickly become an enemy of the Big Four, especially Shrek, because of his violent nature and rampant Ogrephobia.

He has a more prominant and important appearance in the video game series first appearing as the main antagonist of Apocalypse Shrekend and appearing in other installments of the franchise. He's also one of the two central antagonists of the manga series alongside Santiago as well, who's his partner in crime. Overall, Poster Dude is one of the primary antagonists of the BSTH franchise and is one of the few threats to the Big Four that are yet to be defeated.

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