Patrick Bateman
"Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?"
Name Patrick Bateman
Sex Male
Age 26
Species Human
Occupation Investment banker
Relatives Unknown
Introduced in Obsessed with Bee Sex
Latest appearance Hip to Be Square
Voiced by Christian Bale

Patrick Bateman, also known as Dubs Guy, is an American psycho and a serial killer who is known for crimes like rape, torture, and cannibalism. In Bee Shrek Test in the House, he is a supporting character who is totally obsessed with Huey Lewis and the News and sexual activites done by honeybees — known as "bee sex".

He is actually not a villain, as stated by Kyle Massey (the actor who played Cory Baxter) in an interview about Bee Shrek Test in the House. He said these words to the people interviewing him:

When Patrick Bateman – a supporting character played by Christian Bale – first made an appearance in Bee Shrek Test in the House, we decided not to make him a villain because of this "bee sex" meme trending thanks to a Twitch stream known as Vinesauce. It's hip to fuck bees.

—Kyle Massey, BSTH Interview

Christian Bale thought this was okay, since Bateman was one of the main characters of the film American Psycho. It's always hip to fuck bees be a hero anyway.

Dubs memeEdit


The picture associated with a post with double digits.

Bateman is not only known for being a serial killer and all of that, but there's a meme related to getting double digits (or more) in either a 4chan or 8chan post. This meme the article is talking about is known as "Dubs" or "Doubles", or just call it whatever you like if you please.

A picture associated with double digits in a post contains Bateman pointing and making a smug face just like George Costanza doing his shiggy diggy face. Look at the right to see the picture.

It's hip to get dubs.

So hip to get dubs.

How do I get dubs??Edit

You have to become that lucky guy in order to do that. If there's no people posting in the board you want to choose, then you have a chance that you would get double digits. Make a post if you have the chance! Hurry! Don't waste your time reading this paragraph! Do it now!!