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Plot SummaryEdit

Shrek is testing out his new stunts in New York City when he gets interrupted by an obnoxious cat named Gumball Watterson. Having his stunts ruined in public, Shrek challenges Gumball to an Extreme Stunt Challenge! Shrek declared that the winner would have the grand prize of all-you-can-eat barbecue and onion rings, but Gumball proposed that the loser would have to make out with 230 naked clowns. Even though he was terrified of the thought of cheating on his husband Cory, he accepted the offer. While Shrek trains hard with the encouragement of Cory, Johnny Test, and Barry all backing him up, Gumball rigs his skateboard and shoes to cheat in the challenge. Day of the Challenge: Shrek and Gumball are neck to neck with each other and are at a tie up to the final stunt. The Final Stunt is to ride a burning motorcycle across an entire Onion farm and back. With the power of love from his friends and husband, Shrek succeeds. When Gumball attempts the challenge, his cheating is exposed when his motorcycle is revealed to be full of helium and is disqualified, making Shrek the winner. As Shrek enjoys his onion barbecue, Gumball admits that the only reason he cheats so much is because his parents told him that if he doesn’t win all the time, he’ll never be loved. Shrek empathizes with the poor moronic cat and tells him “Cheating only adds bad layers to your onion of life. Even if you don’t win and you don’t get your layers right away, always do your best and you’ll surely grow in layers.” The End.

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