Season 62.3, episode 284
Airdate: Dec 25, 2009
Director: Frank Miller
Story: Adam Sandler

Ogredose is the second Christmas special of Bee Shrek Test in the House , following A Very Barry Christmas, and is the 284th episode overall. Ogredose was directed by Frank Miller and written by Adam Sandler and it featured an all star cast with Keanu Reeves, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Dante from Devil May Cry. The special has a running time of 14 hours and 22 minutes and is divided into three acts: Catalyst, Zero Hour, and Goatse.The special tells the story of Shrek and Dr. Ben Rodvil (Keanu Reeves), his former highschool crush, transporting drugs for Elmer Song (Dante), a Jewish; multi-gendered; 12-year old; Nazi drug lord and Olympic gymnast. After Shrek is caught performing oral sex on thirty-seven different basketball teams during a Metallica concert, he and Dr. Rodvil become hunted by both the Yakuza and the police. Meanwhile Barry , Johnny , and Cory team up with Bert Smiley (Benedict Cumberbatch), a professional time traveling stripper and assassin, to rescue Shrek, destroy the Infinity Armada, and save Christmas.

Ogredose received worldwide acclaim and is regarded as the best TV Christmas special of all time. 17 minutes after its initial TV screening, Ogredose was released in theaters and was not taken down for 358 years straight due to popular demand. The film won all Oscars for every year and grossed all money in existence. All of the money earned was donated to charity, but this action was pointess due to the recepients of the donations immedietly spending the money to watch Ogredose in theaters.

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