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An average ogre.

Ogres are one of the many fantastic species found in Far Far Away. Shrek is one of the most famous ogres.

Ogres Are Like Onions - Analogies00:39

Ogres Are Like Onions - Analogies


Ogres resemble large, rotund humanoids in terms of external appearance, but in terms of internal biology, they are far more similar to Komodo Dragons. Ogres are protected by multiple layers of skin much like that of an onion, an analogy made by Shrek. They live for an average of seventy years, and females tend to live for longer. Ogres can release a bellowing sound from their ears to signal to other ogres, usually as a territorial gesture or as a mating cry. When in heat, a female ogre can mate upwards of eighty times a day. Ogres are usually stereotyped having light green skin, but dark green and blue ogres are common.

Notable OgresEdit

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