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Ness, shown here with his pet Mr. Saturn "Swagolius the Third."

Name Ness
Sex Male
Age 13
Species Human
Occupation Student, Wii Fit Trainer's Lackey, Temporary Guardian of the Treasure Dungeon
Introduced in Bee Fit With Wii Fit
Latest appearance Return of a Legend
Voiced by Makiko Ohmoto
  1. Ness is a side character in Bee Shrek Test in the House. He appears as a cameo in Bee Stuck Test in the Home before being formally introduced, appearing as an ally of Wii Fit Trainer when she was still in her nice persona. He later on becomes the temporary guardian of Little King John's treasure dungeon after Kratos's apparent death.In Bee Shrek Test In The House Right Back At Ya! He makes a major appearance throughout the show and is the narrator.This is why you can just hear someone say Okey in the beginning of every episode.He doesn't do much because the writers forgot to write him into the story.Another time he appears in "Dr Okey"where he pretends he's a doctor but it goes horribly wrong and he ended up killing many people in the process of making the episode.For this reason it's banned in several Countries.His best friends are Penut Butte,Wii Fit,Villager,Jason and Lonk


Ness is shown as a black-haired, caucasian boy a little shorter than Johnny. He wears a blue and yellow striped shirt, a brownish-green backpack, a red and blue baseball cap, and jean shorts.He looks okey too say the least. 


  • Ness previously appeared in the Earthbound/MOTHER series before appearing in Bee Shrek Test in the House.
  • Ness is mentioned to be on Johnny's Little League team in the episode "The Great Pantry."
  • His alter ego,Dr Okey is not actually a real doctor
  • He has killed at least 17 people

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