Mr. Testy is an episode of Bee Shrek Test in the House.


Johnny and Barry realize it's been a year since they became an official couple. Feeling all giddy inside, the two lovers decide to buy eachother anniversary gifts like everyone on tumblr or DA would. Johnny, however, is out of money, and after taking a peek at the gift Barry bought for him (the latest Speed McCool movie autographed by Speed himself), he feels guilty he didn't buy his bee lover anything cool. Shrek suggests that he should get a job at the mall in order to earn some cash, claiming that he was able to buy all the onions he wanted as a boy from having a part-time job. Johnny goes to the mall, only to discover no one is hiring. However he then sees a Help Wanted poster in front of the Mr. Meaty stand. The manager tells him they need a new fry cook, after the other one fell into the deep fryer. Johnny takes the job, and happily begins to flip burgers. Meanwhile, Victor drives Shrek, Barry, and Cory to the same mall after seeing the new "Chili Dog Cooker 9000" advertised on a late-night infomercial after a showing of The Human Centipede. Barry gets hungry and buzzes off to the food court, while Victor is ready to go shopping for the new grill with Cory. However, he discovers Cory and Shrek went bra shopping for eachother at the new store Victoria's Layers. Depressed, Victor feels like he's losing a bond with his son, and begins to grieve. Johnny realizes that there's no more meat to cook on the grill, so he goes into the freezer to get a new set of patties. Inside, he sees the manager waiting for them to get their lovin on. Barry, who happened to be waiting in line for a triple meat packer bossy deluxe on a raft 4x4 animal style combo, gets sick of the lousy service, and goes behind the counter to see what's going on. He discovers Johnny inside the freezer with the manager, (not shown to the viewer) and screams in terror. Johnny hears this and begins to cry because he realized that he just cheated on Barry. Barry flies away with tears in his eyes, flying past a still saddened Victor. The episode then fades out with a To Bee Continued? text popping up on screen.


  • Many fans claim this as one of the saddest episodes in the entire show, as well as the second act being one of the saddest moments in television history.
  • This episode won an Emmy for Best Overall Program Ever Made, however a clip could not be shown due to how sad the subject matter was.

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