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Mr Meaty is a resturaunt where Parker and Josh,who are friends of the Big Four,work at.

Characters Edit

  • Josh Redgrove is the 16-year-old cashier and the smarter of the two Mr. Meaty employees. Josh is into dating and girls and is often seen hitting on his female customers. He also enjoys making movies, indie-punk, and acting cool. His ambition is to become a filmmaker/rock star. On his job application, he mentions that he enjoys buttering bread and fixing holes. He is voiced by Jamie Shannon.
    • Parker Dinkleman is the 15-year-old fry cook at Mr. Meaty. Dim-witted and hygienically challenged, Parker enjoys making movies with his friend Josh and cooking foods. Unfortunately, his gross habits (which includes farting and other bodily noises) scare away girls that Josh is talking to, and for this reason, Parker can be considered Josh's foil. His special skills that he wrote on his job application were "Nunchucks and stopping kids from running". Parker also used to be a member of the Bear Cub Scouts. He is voiced by Jason Hopley.

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