Magic Mirror
Magic Mirror
Magic Mirror arguing with Farquaad
Sex Male
Age 128
Species Magical Object
Occupation Interior Minister
Regent (formerly)
Relatives None
Introduced in Long Live the King
Latest appearance Duel at Duloc
Voiced by Chris Miller
Magic Mirror, real name Jonathan Jefferson Merkel III, is a recurring character in Bee Shrek Test in the HouseHe's a magical object/mirror who's been used by Lord Farquaad ever since he took over his country back in 2004. He serves as a personal aid and advisor to Farquaad and has acted as his interior minister in Farquaad's government for over a decade.


As his name suggests, the Magic Mirror is really just a mirror. He has a gold frame and an oval shape like most mirrors do. He has a face inside the mirror which is white, but has no eyes.


The Magic Mirror is a very laid back and chill guy as he never seems to really get mad. He's a cool man and is blessed with the ability to tolerate Farquaad's gigantic ego and arrogance, a trait that very few have. He's the only one in Farquaad's cabinet that's willing to question his orders and is intelligent enough to know when Farquaad's screwing up, but also knows of his master's authoritarian nature, large ego, and his general lack of care and apathy for his subjects.

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