Little King John
Potato Knishes
Name Little King John
Sex Male
Age 26
Species Rat
Occupation King of Minecraft
Introduced in West Fishadelphia (As a silhouette)
Latest appearance Potato Knishes
Voiced by Unknown
Potato Knishes OFFICIAL01:21

Potato Knishes OFFICIAL

Potato Knishes

Little King John is the main antagonist of BSTH, and is Will Smith Fish's master. Will Smith Fish mooches off of him. In the season six finale, he meets the Big Four and had the Old Big Four kill Barry B Benson, who is later ressurrected using one of the ancient reviving barnacles that settle at the deepest part of Shrek's swamp. He is also the leader of the Brotherhood of Chaos.


Little King John is a fucking creep who loves potato knishes and centipedes, and made Will Smith Fish dress in a centipede costume to pleasure him before he killed him after assigning him to guard the Necronomicon. He believes that there are many things to be erased, which indicates a murderous mind. He is very violent and controlling, and has more swag than anyone but Barry, making him a serious threat. He also has Ratboy Genius' girlfriend the Summer Solstice Baby and Johnny's sisters locked up in his castle, which appears to be a dark version of The House.


Those who walk the path of darkness and serve the little king are:



Mad Lord John is Little King Joh's final form. He is powered by Thneeds which he purifies with moon rocks and little black squash balls. He is ten times his normal size and is incredibly powerful. The transformation is extremely painful and causes several wounds across John's body. He fights using literal waves of centipedes as well as balls of energy. Thanks to his crown, which fused itself onto John's head, causing the wounded eye, he can also use telekinesis.


  • Although Ratboy Genius is known for being fucking creepy, Little King John is far fucking creepier.
  • He's so cold hearted, he killed Wallace and Gromit, two of the most geuinely kind characters in the series.

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