As with all shows their a bound to be lost episodes and with BSTH's over 3,000 episode run their are bound to be at least 1 lost episode their are actually estnated to be 10 to 150 lost episodes here are the ones that have been recovered or known to exist (this will be updated as more episodes are discovered.

  • pilot
  • visit to the swamp
  • season 1 finale draft 1
  • Corey vs farquaad
  • the arrest
  • prison breakout
  • Apparently there was a whole season recorded before the Big 4 were replaced in season 14, it was never released since people prefered the newer characters (Jason Funderberker, Anthony Fantano, TheLegend27, Cal Corchesta and The Best The Best The Best The Best) because they were found to be funnier. These new characters were also easier to write with since their memes are still alive and the fact that Barry quit the show after his new meme became incredibly popular . When they recorded the new season they thought it was shit so they didn't release it to the public and just replaced the cast.
  • something rotten
  • don't look at the net
  • he is number 27

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