Name Harold
Sex Male
Age 53 at death
Species Frog, then human, then frog again
Occupation King of Far Far Away (former)

Member of the Ministry of Silly Walks (former)

Relatives Queen Lillian (wife)

Fiona (daughter) Shrek (ex-son-in-law) Fergus (grandson) Farkle (grandson) Felicia (granddaughter) King Artie (nephew)

Voiced by John Cleese

King Harold was the king of Far Far Away. He was Fiona's dad, Queen Lillian's husband, and Artie's uncle. Due to the fact that he is voiced by John Cleese, he had mastered every silly walk in existence although he could no longer do them after becoming a frog again. Shrek later found instructions for all the silly walks in Harold's will, in which Harold wrote that he wanted to pass on the absolutely silly techniques to Shrek so that he could guard them from Prince Charming and other fairytale terrorists. Harlod is also a devout communist, and has tried pulling Far Far Away into communism on multiple occasions.

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