Johnny Test
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Name Johnny Test
Sex Male
Age 11
Species Human (Disputed)

Mary Test (sister)
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Susan Test (sister)
Lila Test (mother)
Hugh Test (father)

Introduced in Welcome to the House
Latest appearance Cory Gone Viral
Voiced by James Arnold Taylor

Johnny Test is the youngest of the Big Four, but also the most energetic and eager. His endless energy gets the group into trouble more often than not, but he is a great friend to Barry and Cory, and although Shrek can intimidate him at times they are still on very good terms. Prior to BSTH, Johnny dated Cousin Skeeter for a while and was supposed to have a reality TV show with him, but it backfired.

Relations with the Big Four Edit

The rest of the Big Four can get a little fed up with Johnny's mischief, but they still trust and accept him.

  • Barry is the most understanding of Johnny, but he feels a little weird talking to a bee.
  • Since Cory is the closest to Johhny age-wise they can relate closely with the little boy things they do.
  • Shrek tried to rape him once or twice so he doesn't like him that much. They will fight together when all is said and done and have saved the world on multiple occasions

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