jj the jet plane is the bees plane also he is the town priest and everyone lieks him but september 11 2001 he hit the twin towers so he could live in. 

pepperoni. everyone was sad and mad and bad.

Jj the jet plane

jj the jet plane

the ritual Edit

One day the bee gets sad calls satan to bring back jj the jet plane so he does a ritual and is able to bring himback from the dead. After that jj the jet plane  guards the bees hive.

Some plane

him ready to hit the tower

The fuseEdit

Later in the show Kim Jong-un creats  a device to fuse him with jj the jet plane so he can get the new twin towers

the bee tryed so hard to  change the controlls of jj the jet plane so he does hit so he crashes again.
Oh no

his fusion

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