Jason Stickler
Jason Stickler
Name Jason Stickler
Sex Male
Age 17
Species Human
Occupation Student of Washington Prep

Rival to Cory Baxter Self-Proclaimed Stickman

Introduced in Shrek Takes Ogre
Latest appearance Layers of an Ogirl
Voiced by Jake Thomas (Season 1-2)

Billy Dee Williams (later episodes)

Jason "Stickman" Stickler is a recurring character in Bee Shrek Test in the House, and serves as a rival character to Cory Baxter. Most of his appearances have him harassing the big four as a henchman to Bane whether it be through blackmail or stealing their unflattering selfies. He is obsessed with Meena Paroom, but he has been known to stalk other female characters as well.


  • Due to contract issues, Billy Dee Williams portrayed the character in later episodes.

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