Hell is a spa and resort located underneath Mt. Fuji. It is owned by Satan and previously Gabe Newell, but after the second war, Gabe didn't want to rebuild a third time, so he left Satan and went on to develop Hat Simulator 2.

History Edit

. When Satan was a young lad, he lived with God and Jesus Christ in Japan. Satan quickly grew tired of God and Jesus's otaku behaviors, and left them when he was 349,000,000 years old. He traveled to Mt. Fuji and began a construction project. He wanted to create a place free from weeaboos and otakus, so he built a spa and resort with anti-weeb bouncers. During the project, he met Gabe Newell, whom would later become his partner. After 200,000 years of slave labor, Hell was finally built. At first, the cost of staying at Hell was 3,000 dollars per night. Satan realized it was too expensive and buisness would fail, so he lowered the price to one soul per eternity.

In Bee Shrek Test in the House Edit

Hell has been mentioned multiple times in the series. Most of the defeated villans retired to Hell after they realized how much of a weeb God was. Hell has never been directly visited by any character aside from the dead villans. An episode was planned about the lives of all the villains relaxing in Hell, but it was scrapped because banana.

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