Helios, the aesthetic statue.
Name Helios
Sex Male
Age Physically about 2000 years old
Species Marble bust
Occupation Master, sensei
Introduced in "Meet Helios" in the show Meme Team
Latest appearance TBA
Voiced by Show (text-to-speech voice in Oddcast)

Alexander Helios is the god of the sun and the master of the Meme Team. Helios is known for having great abilities, such as slowing down time. See the Abilities section for more information about his abilities.

He was also the personification of the sun in Greek mythology, which may explain why his name stands for "sun". He drove the chariot of the sun. met Apollo (god of light), and became one of the statues in Rhodes. However, after he done all of those things and others, he turned into a marble bust for an unknown reason. He couldn't feel his arms or legs, just his head.


Helios doesn't have that much of a personality. In the Meme Team show, he is always neutral, sometimes bored, and mostly happy. Not really much is known about his personality.


Like all the members of the Meme Team, Helios has lots and lots of abilities, since he is the god of the sun. These abilities he has were demonstrated in the first episode he was introduced in, but he didn't mention all of them.

Here are a list of them:

  • Slow motion (Slows down time.)
  • Moving magic (Makes objects move, which glow blue whenever they do.)
  • Yellow laser (Whenever this ability is activated, Hhelios' eyes glow yellow and a laser comes out.)
  • Blue laser (Same thing as the yellow laser, but explodes.)
  • Orange laser (Unlike others, this laser is on fire and whenever it hits something, the thing gets lit on fire.)
  • Spawner (When this ability is activated, it spawns an object Helios wants.)
  • Nightcore speed (Makes time go faster.)
  • Float bloat (Makes Helios float.)
  • Float bloat to another boat (Makes Helios and a person he chose or more float.)
  • Go through everything (Makes Helios go through everything, including people.)
  • Michael Bay mode (Makes explosions appear in random places.)
  • Aesthetic mode (Makes everything turn into vaporwave. Everybody turns into marble busts. The ground turns into pink checkers. The time is stuck at 4:20 PM. Turns the sky into all pink. The whole world is inside a TV monitor.)
  • God mode (Makes Helios and the Meme Team invincible.)
  • Sing along (Makes Helios sing a vaporwave song. Most notable songs are from Macintosh Plus.)



Helios, as seen in the Floral Shoppe album cover by Macintosh Plus.

  • Helios has relatives that were never seen in the Meme Team show, but were mentioned in the show Bee Shrek Test in the House. He also appears in the show, and is a supporting character.
  • Helios sometimes listens to nightcore. He says this kind of music is okay, even though it's not vaporwave.
  • Helios is not only known for having great abilities such as slowing down time, but he is also known for being in the Floral Shoppe album cover, made by artist Macintosh Plus.
  • Some people say Helios has the voice of an angel. Some people don't think so.

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