Hat Simulator 2 is a war-themed first-person hat simulator with FPS elements. It was developed by Gabe Newell after the second war.

Gameplay Edit

Hat Simulator 2 consists of multiple game modes for players to enjoy, but people only really care about the hats.

Classes Edit

Hat Simulator 2 can't be sold as simply a hat simulator. The development team came to the conclusion that they must make ridiculous characters with ridiculous weapons in order for people to buy the game.

Heavy Edit

Heavy is easily the most iconic of all the classes. The Heavy is a bulky Russian man who can barely speak English. He has hat options that mainly appeal to communists. He wields a giant fucking gun and a sandwich. His sandwich allows him to magically heal all injuries, including burns, broken bones, and even brain damage. It's common to see Medics protecting the Heavy, since he's the only class that's worth a damn.

Scout Edit

Scout, in the most basic sense, is a more annoying Will Smith Fish. He's the fastest class in the game, and uses a pistol, a baseball bat, and a scatter gun, whatever the hell that is. He has little to no health, making him only useful for annoying people. He even has items designed just to screw with people. He has hats that appeal to the "hip" kids of today.

Soldier Edit

The soldier is the only competent class in the game. He's a patriotic, high-in-saturated-fat, all-American powerhouse. He wields a rocket launcher, a melee weapon and a shotgun. Despite him having normal weapons, players literally force him to shoot rockets at his feet to "rocket jump." Most new players end up killing themselves trying to rocket jump. He has some great hats.

Demoman Edit

The Demoman is also a fairly competent class. He's a black Scottish "Cyclopes" who wears an eye patch. He wields a gernade launcher and a sticky bomb launcher. Most player just equip him with a sword and shield, so none of that really matters. The Demo also has a suicidal tactic like the Soldier called "sticky jumping," except it's even more dangerous and imbecilic. He can equip wigs.

Medic Edit

The Medic is the worst class in the game. He's basically a mad scientist. His only use is to give the Heavy "Ubercharge" and make him invincible. Basically, he's broken, or more accurately, he makes the Heavy broken. He has good hats for the intelligent men out there.

Pyro Edit

The Pyro is fucking insane. It's a cold-blooded murderer that wears a mask to seal its insanity. It uses flamethrowers and axes to murder its victims. Its hats make it look even worse.

Engineer Edit

The Engineer is one of the best classes in the game. He's a hyper-intelligent Texan who has erected machines with built-in aimbot. He can also create magic teleporters and dispensers, both of which are useless. He has the best hat options in the game.

Spy Edit

The Spy is okay. He can turn invisble. He disguise as other players. He has a one-hit-kill attack. He has some of the most broken items in the game. Most Spy players suck too much to actually utilize his skills correctly. His hats are okay.

Sniper Edit

He's from Australia.

Gamemodes Edit

There are a lot. Here are the ones that are actually worthwhile.

Mann V.s. Machine Edit

One day, someone at Value got really drunk and said: "Let's make a gamemode about killing robots." And they did. Mann V.s. Machine pits a team of players against the robot overlords. It's one of the few modes that requires actual teamwork. Despite being advertised as difficult, using the Heavy and Medic combined with a few Engineers, a Demo, and a Soldier can get the job done. Sometimes people will play Scout to be useless and just collect all of the money that the robots use as fuel for some reason.

Team Deathmatch Edit

As the name implies, you murder everyone. The team part is the only innacurate word in the title.

Conga Edit

Conga is a new feature added in Hat Simulator 2 for people who are tired of playing Payload and Team Deathmatch. When the Conga was first added, everyone realized that it was all they needed, and simply set up servers dedicated for doing the Conga, a.k.a, actually playing the game.

Bee Shrek Test in the House Expansion Edit

Three years after release, Gabe approached The Big Four and asked them if he could release an expansion containg their likeness. They agreed, and The Big Four was added to the game. They're all OP, since they can equip all the hats in the game at once. Boi

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