Giygas himself.

Giygas is the main antagonist of Bee Shrek Test in the House: Right Back at Ya! Giygas is the very embodiment of evil, and is easily the strongest villain in BSTH history. He was originally controlled by Drek. Drek used Giygas's power to brainwash creatures in the BSTH universe and made them attack Barry and The Mighty Seven. Giygas was ultimately defeated by The Mighty Seven.


Not much is known about the origin of Giygas. Some refer to him as a demon, while others don't even attempt to label him. Giygas was discovered deep within the Earth by Drek. Drek soon discovered Giygas had the power to infulence people's minds. Drek used this power to recruit powerful allies. With his new minions, he planned on wiping The Big Four off the face of the planet. 

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