Final: I Will Always Bee With you is the Final Episode of Bee Shrek Test in the House: The Episode focuses on The Final Battle of the Big Four against Little King John and Will Smith Fish to prevent them from taking over the world. Nothing really Happens in this episode but it consists of The Big Four Fighting Large amounts of Monsters. They End up Fighting Will Smith Fish and mortally wounding him but he was still alive. When they do get to Little King Johns Lair Cory gives Barry a kiss for good Luck. They then Unsuccesfully fight Little King John. Barry then decides to sacrifice his life to save his friends by throwing himself into the Death Blades. Only to have him die by getting stabbed by Little King John. It is unknown what happened to the big four for the time being. But Barry is dead with his last words to Cory Being "I Will Always Bee With you"

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