Filthy Frank, usually referred to as Frank or Franku, is an mentally disabled human from another dimension. Despite his awkwardness, he is quite the warrior. He is a skilled Anime Hunter, and is dedicated to destroying the anime menace. He is the third member of The Mighty Seven.

Appearance in BSTH Edit

Filthy Frank first appeared in the BSTH universe at the end of The Final Episode, where he can be seen for a breif moment. He plays a major role in Bee Shrek Test in the House: Right Back at Ya! Frank came to the BSTH universe in order to prevent the animes from infecting the population. He is discovered by Barry while battling animes in a desert village. After a long battle with Drek's minions, Frank decides to join Barry on his quest.

Trivia Edit

  • Frank has the ability to use telepathy, which is displayed briefly in Anime Hunter when Pink Guy and Salamander Man are captured and try to call out to him. Frank uses this ability again while fighting Giygas.
  • The rest of Frank's powers are left fairly ambigous. He is theorized to have super strength, but that is not confirmed.