Farquaad's Country
Farquaad Flag
Farquaad's egocentric banner
Name Farquaad's Country
Type Nation
Ruler Lord Farquaad
Government Dictatorship
Capital Duloc
Status Active
Location Central Asia (presumably)
Notable inhabitants Lord Farquaad
Magic Mirror
Little King John

Farquaad's Country or Farquaad's Kingdom as its known to most outsiders, is the unofficial name of an unknown and mysterious country which is under the dictatorial control of Lord Farquaad. It's a small, landlocked country located somewhere presumably in Central Asia and has been a hiding spot for numerous villains who oppose thr Big Four due to its secretive location.


Farquaad's Country is a mysterious and unnamed country located somewhere close to the borders of continental Europe, presumably in Central Asia close to the borders of western Russia. The nation has been isoalted for years and only opened up sometime in the 1920s before the Soviet Union invaded and conquered the small nation state. The nation regained independence following the Soviet Union's collapse in 1991 and Grump took over as the new ruler of the nation, but his son betrayed him and removed him from power via a military coup. Afterwards, Farquaad crowned himself the new ruler of the nation and has brought devastation, havoc, chaos and suffering to his royal subjects.



  • Type of Government: Dictatorial Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
  • Head of State: King/Queen
    • Known Monarchs
  • Head of Government: Regent


Farquaad's Country was originally governed by the Estates General as the main legislative body. After Farquaad took over in a coup back in 2004, he disbanded the Estates General and replaced it with his own personal council. Farquaad's council is comrpised entirely of roval dvisors and close friends and associates of Farquaad who help him govern the country and maintain his power.


Farquaad's Country is located somewhere in Central Asia close to continental Europe bordering on the southern portions of western Russia and southwest Kazakhstan. The nation is landlocked and isolated from the rest of the world as a result. The country is also primarily rural farmland with various towns and small cities scattered throughout the nation. The country is very small being around the size of New Jersey.

Notable CitizensEdit

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