Duane obviously dancing.
Name Duane
Sex Male
Age 38, as of 2016
Species Human
Occupation Dancer
Introduced in Dance Party
Latest appearance Dance Party
Voiced by Duane (himself)

Duane "The Duane" Duaneson, also known as Pussy Destroyer, is one of the greatest dancers alive and a minor character in Bee Shrek Test in the House.

He was first seen in the VHS tape Barbie Dance Club, and his dance in the tape was absolutely fabulous and gracious. Because of this, his dance was recognized by people who watch the Vinesauce stream and Joel from Vinesauce started loving him.

However as of now, Duane was never seen again, including the other kids who were scheduled in Barbie Dance Club. Everyone is trying to find him, but his real last name was never mentioned. His last name in the show was made up.