Crash Bandicoot is a recurring antagonist character in BSTH. He is usually in the Background of episodes, most notably Rise of the Brave Tangled Whatever, A Shrektastic Idea, The Final Episode, and The Dreckoning. He is often known to be the main villain of Bubsy Bobcat, in which Crash viciously murdered Bubsy after the release of Bubsy 3D. Bubsy, now being a spirit, goes into Johnny's body all because of what Crash did many years ago. Crash is known to hate Shrek and Barry, due to them taking over Crash's cancelled racing game, Crash Team Racing 2010, and replacing it with a Dreamworks crossover racing game entitled, Dreamworks Super Star Kartz. In many episodes, including the series finale, Crash gets his revenge on Barry by viciously murdering him and steping on him with spiky cleats.


  • Crash is good friends with Johnny.
  • Cory and Crash are old friends mostly due to them having the same initials, CB.
  • Jim Carrey demanded he voices Crash Bandicoot in the series, and went terrorist on the White House set for walking into the Disney XD studio Naked with a sock on his penis. The role of Crash was eventually given to Sylvestor Stallone. Jerry Seinfeld, voice of Barry B Benson, lost in eyeball in Jim Carrey's explosion.
  • Crash is not 'orange Sonic'.
  • Crash is not Spyro
  • Activision sued BSTH's owners for using the copyrighted Crash Bandicoot character. In response, a war was started between Activision and BSTH. Around a million lives were lost in the making, which eventually resulted in Activision no longer making crappy Dreamworks games.
  • Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin, Founders of Naughty Dog and creators of the Crash series are big BSTH fans. They love role playing as Barry and Johnny most of the time. Andy has costumes for Shrek and Cory... which he uses in his spare time...
  • Crash and Smash Badger from Johnny Test are actually great friends... until Crash sued Smash billions in copyright infringement.
  • In real life, Crash bandicoot and Shrek were once married, but divorced.
  • Crash loves meth and likes to cook it in public and very occupied places.

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